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Our Goals and Mission

Outreach Haiti’s mission is to educate the children of Petit Harpon. Our vision is to facilitate a healthy, economically self-sustaining community through education in Haiti.


                                                                                             Our Goals:

• Build a school

Handle growth for high school classes

Support nutritional requirements for learning


Develop programs for school to support itself


Maintain school facilities







Outreach Haiti Committee:

Charlie Brock, Chairperson

Phone for info (423) 400-6420

Frank McDonald, Vice Chairperson

Clay Crouch, Secretary

Lisa Brock, Treasurer

Phone for financial (423) 825-1202

Charles Mahan, Newsletter Editor

Ann Aiken

Jon Dutton

Cameron Ellis

The Rev. Lou Garcia

Fred Robinson

Keith Sanford

Mary Beth Sutton

The Rev. Ann Weeks

The Church of the Good Shepherd | PO Box 145 211 Franklin Road Lookout Mountain, Tennessee 37350

 Please send all checks or donations to:
 131 Sumach Street, Lookout Mountain, TN 37350