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  1. General information
  2. Passports
  3. Immunizations for Haiti
  4. Baggage Requirements
  5. International Phone Service
  6. Volunteer Packing List




Welcome to a missionary adventure of your life.  Thank you for your participation in the worthwhile projects we have going in Haiti.  The language of the people is Haitian Creole: the administrative language is French.  The political situation has been relatively stable since 1994, but it will be monitored carefully prior to any group departure.


A visit to Haiti, at the very least, will be interesting and educational. But for most, it is also a profoundly enriching personal experience.  Plan to bring home some Haitian art, rum or coffee.  Plan to learn the ability to greet, thank people, and smile in Creole.  The memory of swaying palms and poinsettia, orchids growing in tall trees will be forever in your mind.  You will have a renewed appreciation of your ability to adapt to varying conditions, an appreciation of the hard work and courage of the people, and a deeper insight into your own spirituality.  You will find that even though you left Haiti – Haiti did not leave you!


For any additional information don’t hesitate to call or email:

            Ann Aiken 821-2032,

            Frank McDonald 821-3238,




Passports: passports need to be purchased well in advance, US State Department advisory said passport should not expire within 6 months of your travel date.




Please check with Health Department for an appointment 3 to 4 weeks before departure.  They are located on Third Street next to Erlanger.  (209-8218) the shots included in the series are:

Tetanus and Diphtheria (DT) within the last 10 years.

Chloroquin- orally 2 weeks prior to departure and continue for 4 weeks afterward return


Hepatitis A- minimum of 2 weeks before departure (Gamma Globulin is effective for 3 months)

Hepatitis B- not required but recommended

Adult Booster of Polio                      



1 carryon bag-40 pounds and 45” length plus width plus height total

2 checked bags-50 pounds each and 62” length plus width plus height total

$50. charge for bags weighing 51-70 pounds

$100. charge for bags weighing over 70 pounds

Checked bags larger than 62” is $150.00 per bag



Rates:    $5.99/month




+1 (area code) #

(hold zero key down for 3 seconds to bring up + sign.  If zero doesn’t work then try * key)

Alternative if +1 area code # doesn’t work    001 (area code) #


Haiti – Haiti call

00-509-local number

If you have problems with phone in Haiti call + 1 (916) 843-4685

If you have any concerns while in the US 1-800-335-4685



Leave phone off when not in use and you will not be charged for voice calls until you listen to them.  If people will text you instead of voice calls it will be much cheaper.  50 cents to send text and 15 cents to receive text.



Hold down 1 key until you hear voice prompt then enter 423-991-1802 then enter password







At PAP airport guys need a sports coat and girls need a skirt with no open toe shoes


Soft sided rolling luggage or duffle bag

Work clothes: cotton t-shirts, one per day minimum

                        Shorts and/or long lightweight pants

                        Good comfortable socks

Work boots and sneakers (1 pr. Ea.)

Work gloves – 2 pr. (heavy duty)

Bandanas, one per day

Light Poncho (travel pack)

Full brim hat w/ tie and ball cap

Sunglasses with croche

Sunscreen (45 sun block)

Crazy Creek Chair – place to sit for lunch

Ear plugs – for hilti gun and light sleeping

Two 1-Liter Water bottles (for traveling, then to refill)

Head light, Reading lamp, flashlight, and batteries for these items

Bug spray

Towel, soap, shampoo, etc.

Flip flops

Travel toilet paper

Any personal medications you are taking

Comfortable clothes for “after shower” in the evenings

Casual clothes for church- ladies - long skirt or summer dress, men – long pants

French-English dictionary if you have one


All meals are provided by the guest house but we usually bring our own breakfasts & lunches since we leave the guest house early in the morning before the staff comes. Bring enough lunch for everyday of the trip, not just work days. (Fresh fruit may be available.)

Breakfast item suggestions: granola bars, instant grits or oatmeal packs, fruit cups

Lunch item suggestions: 

            Wet ones (or hand washing stuff)

            Luncheon meats: tuna, chicken, Vienna sausage, sardines, smoked salmon etc.

            Cheese crackers

            Raisins, dried fruit

            Chips, cracker, cookies, snacks

            Candy that doesn’t melt in you hand or your mouth!          

            Powdered drink mixes, Gatorade, lemonade, tea, crystal light, etc.

            Trail mix

            Peanut butter

            Small packs of mustard, pickle relish, jelly, etc.

            (We usually can get bread to make a sandwich)

Evening snacks (optional).  The guest house will serve dinner which includes water or fruit juice.  They have available cokes and beer for purchase at the guest house.  Rum can be purchased in Leogane.   Feel free to bring anything else you would like to eat or drink.         



The Church of the Good Shepherd

R3 International

The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti

United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti

Children's Nutrition Program

Outreach Haiti Committee:

Charlie Brock, Chairperson

Phone for info (423) 400-6420

Frank McDonald, Vice Chairperson

Clay Crouch, Secretary

Lisa Brock, Treasurer

Phone for financial (423) 825-1202

Charles Mahan, Newsletter Editor

Ann Aiken

Jon Dutton

Cameron Ellis

The Rev. Lou Garcia

Fred Robinson

Keith Sanford

Mary Beth Sutton

The Rev. Ann Weeks

The Church of the Good Shepherd | PO Box 145 211 Franklin Road Lookout Mountain, Tennessee 37350

 Please send all checks or donations to:
 131 Sumach Street, Lookout Mountain, TN 37350